For arc welding the electric arc is used as the source of heating. This arc is burning between the electrode and the welded material and it burns the metal of the electrode and the surface of the welded material. Welding arc is an electric discharge of a circular cross section which goes through a hot ionized gas. Electrons are released in the arc on the white-hot cathode and they go through the column of the arc – through the conductive plasma – and they are carried to the anode.

Arch welding can be made by several basic ways:
MIG - welding by metal electrode in inert gas (Ar, He)
MAG - welding by metal electrode in active gass (CO2, CO2+Ar atd.)
WIG - swelding by wolfram electrode in inner gas
We use MIG and MAG methods in my workshop.The choice depending on the kind of material used. MIG is used for aluminum, copper or another non-ferrous materials. We use MAG method for Cor-Ten, unalloyed and supperalloy steels. Our productions includes various gates, doors, stanchions, shelves, racks, tables, pedestals e.t.c.

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CONTACT FORM Leave me a message and I will reply as soon as possible
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