Design and production of DPS, other electronics

Electronics has become an integral part of our environment and nowadays we can hardly imagine our lives without it. For its customers our company can project all kinds of electronic machines – from the very simple ones to the sophisticated intelligent moduls with microcontrollers or microcomputers. An example of such a machine can be one for the detection of voltage, electric current, signals which can also modify them or adjust them to the other moduls. We can also produce modules with programmable functions such as e.g. signal monitoring, their interpretation and data processing.

Electronics that we can produce in our company can be divided into: Producing of such electronics is just a supplementary activity of our company. We make electronics for our other machines ourselves!

We design all the circuits including layouts in the programmes based on CAD systems which allows maximum effectivity in the project including the feedbacks within the DPS itself.
We are able to produce 1, 2 and more-layered DPS with a mask-cover, painted, with a maintenance printing – in short everything you can wish and pay for :-).
CONTACT FORM Leave me a message and I will reply as soon as possible
CONTACT FORM Leave me a message and I will reply as soon as possible
Michal Dušek
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