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Download 3DWin kB
Download 3DWin kB

Warning: because my program is written by C++ under Visual Studio and is designed to Windows platform (Win200 and more), i have very urgently problem with windows multitasking (preemtive multitasking). There are some problems with timers and precision higher than 1ms (milisecond), so many your aplications doesnt work correctly (motor doesnt have pure continuous signal from LPT port). Please in setup menu choose higher priority for this program (high priority puts down some ruttine of windows) and try in setup program (not drawing with refresh, not use counter), if you have any wuestion, please contact me by e-mail. Thanks a lot.

Software 3DWin:
In this version i fix some problems what i found. Add is new function modeling from BMP file!

Software 3DWin progres on basis win32 application i. e. win98 as far as XP (Windows vista - I don't have well - tried). Software is intended to drive cnc milling machine about 3 (X, Y, Z or 4 axis (X, Y, Z and rotation axis), drive stepping motors with wattage modules either signals direction and STEP (bipolar drive for as far as 4 axis) or like switching ends coils (for 3 motors - unipolar). Software communicates with wattage modules over LPT port or over USB and inverter (USB is serial channel, where signals for every motor must "keep back" in among - memoirs).

Software is written like any more-fibrous i. e. making use maximum achievement your computer with maximum savings electronics near milling machine. Programme works except in 3D modelingi from screening model with BUFFER, to the whose sends processed instructions type "go to" l x,y z at speeds of xx, with acceleration ... So they achieved uninterrupted flow data among PC with 3Dwin and milling machine.

Software 3DWin is intended for interested person from toy environment i. e. for handyman, modeller etc . On this account fuels the several different sources data to cutting.

PModel for work on cnc milling cutter
program is still in progress, if you need add some function, please contact me...

What it is possible in sw 3DWin set?
In Sw 3DWin it is possible set much important thing for work, some however fast given like e.g . signals on LPT port - see insturctions (please about legacy at him)

is it distance (size) 1 step motor on working table i. e. if we've motor with 200 steps on speed, is connected right on the screw rise 3mm then is accuracy 3/200 = 0.015mm

sets rate (succession) orders for stepper (if rate overruns, stepper begins lose steps i. e. falls synchronost among programme and stepping motor

(what about it entails ? from stepping motor there's no signal back to computer so that programme thinks, that him milling machine listening to - if thrust forth milling machine, programme will run on but will not nothing mill)

stepper is able to spin neither would lost synchronization and to the higher speed but only method acceleration (accelerating) - here has however minimum power, but on fast feed that will do

Longitude axis:
programme of course patrols tool on desktop i. e. milling machine must be between end contact - maker (left) and its maximum longitude (on the right) otherwise order failure

Programme 3DWin is meanwhile free and is functional after registration.

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Download manual (nová verze)11 902 kB
Download manual (old DOS version)610 kB
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CONTACT FORM Leave me a message and I will reply as soon as possible
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